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sonic-air-systems-blower-air-knife-drying Complete air knife drying systems for use by the food and beverage industries, primary metals processing, parts manufacturing and in the production of coated wire and cable.  Sonic Air Systems are guaranteed to perform as described in our proposal and can be designed for up to 100% dryness.  All systems are custom made to fit the requirements of the application - a proposal drawing is submitted along with our proposal.  If you're making things wet, we can get them dry !
Spray Nozzles Spray nozzles and systems for industrial applications including humidification, cooling, coating, cleaning & rinsing, tank/vessel washing, spray drying, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, pulp & paper industry, and circuit board processing. Everything from a single spray nozzle to complex turn-key spray header systems are available.
den-hartog-ace-rotomold-plastic-tanks Industrial plastic tanks for liquid storage and containment. Most tanks are manufactured from polyethylene and for fluids having a specific gravity up to 2.0. The standard material is uncolored (translucent) and FDA approved, providing the capability of viewing the liquid level for potable water and food-grade product storage.
factory-direct-pipeline-products-strainers-filtration-pumps-air-separation Industrial filtration equipment, plastic valves and sealless pumps.  Mergers and acquisitions have occurred in recent years which resulted in brand name changes and reduced inventory for many manufacturers. Factory Direct Pipeline Products, Inc. consolidates the best products from each manufacturer to provide you with the best selection, quickest delivery and lowest pricing. With direct sales to all 50 states and over 55 countries, our network of affiliates and sales representatives ensures our ability to provide timely and accurate support to our customers.