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Full cone spray nozzles represent the second most common nozzle type in use today.  Available in several materials and spray angles, the pattern generated by this type of nozzle swirls the fluid into a full "cone" pattern.  Spray nozzle design and precision machining play an important role on the stability of the spray pattern, flow distribution and the spray angles' integrity at various pressures.


Full cone spray nozzles are commonly used for general washing and rinsing applications that do not require high impact.  Narrower spray angle nozzles can be used for cleaning or chemical injection and wider spray angle nozzles tend to be used for dust suppression, fire suppression, coating, general washing, rinsing and other applications.  The droplet sizes generated by full cone nozzles range from fine to coarse. Pressure and flow rate and to a lesser degree, spray angle will affect droplet size.


If I want to clean something, which is better, a flat spray or a full cone?

Flat sprays provide higher impact, which is a key aspect of most cleaning applications. If wide surface areas need to be covered or the target is stationary, full cone nozzles may be more appropriate. Contact T.P.S. to discuss your application.


There are 2 basic types of full cone spray nozzles, click here to learn about the advantages of each.  Some Full cone spray nozzles can be manufactured to provide round or square patterns or made to mount flush with the internal wall of a vessel. These are known as Wall Mounted Nozzles.


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