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Spray Nozzle Related Calculators


Spray Nozzle Flow Rate Calculator

This calculator is meant to assist you with estimating the flow rate of a spray nozzle at pressures that aren't listed in a catalog or if you do not have a catalog readily available.  Many nozzle companies use a part number that describes the spray angle and flow rate at 40 PSI.  For instance, a "6520" is usually a 65° angle flat fan nozzle flowing ~2 GPM at 40 PSI.  In the example below, the flow rate at 150 PSI is calculated to be ~3.87 GPM.  Ultimately this calculator can be used to determine the required flow rate for a spray header.


spray-nozzle-flow-rate-formulaThis equation is based upon the formula to the right.  Q1 and P1 are the known flow rate and pressure. Q2 is the resulting flow rate for the pressure in question P2.


Spray Nozzle Coverage Calculator


spray-nozzle-coverage-calculatorOur spray coverage calculator assists with estimating the number of spray nozzles required for a given spray angle, spray height based upon the coverage you require.  This will enable you to minimize the number of spray nozzles required by choosing a wider spray angle or adjusting your spray height - or some combination thereof.  Ultimately you may require a different percentage of overlap or there might be some other coverage related aspects to consider, however this calculator will provide a relatively accurate estimate and help you to design your own spray header.  Although this calculator was created with Flat Fan nozzles in mind, it also works well for Full Cone nozzles as long as you are trying to estimate the coverage across a target.

  1. The Actual Overlap differs from  25% to evenly space the nozzles across the header, as the number of nozzles required is a whole number.
  2. Complex spray coverage patterns such as large circular/rectangular areas, specialized nozzle patterns such as even spray pattern nozzles and prediction of coverage for spray injected into a gas stream or pressurized vessel are all examples where this calculator is not useful.

  3. This calculator does not take into account such variables as Surface Tension, Specific Gravity or fluid temperatures ≠ 70°F.

  4. Spray Coverage is based upon Theoretical Coverage and doesn't take into account the collapsing effect that gravity exerts on a pattern for very high spray heights.  Theoretical Coverage is considered to be accurate for spray heights up to ~6 feet.  At these heights and higher it is suggested that you contact a spray nozzle specialist and review your requirements with them.

  5. The Effective Coverage Overlap is a suggested minimum and based upon using Flat Fan Nozzles or Full Cone Nozzles having a parabolic (tapered) spray distribution.

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