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  Sonic Air Systems Inc. is the premier manufacturer of engineered drying systems since 1990. Their systems are used in multitudes of manufacturing processes. Often drying is critial prior to the next manufacturing procedure or to final packaging.

We have sub-divided typical application descriptions into four basic areas, each link will describe how Sonic Air Systems are used in that application:  
  This is not an all inclusive application list; if you need to dry a product, remove surface contaminants without fluids or reduce static electricty, contact us with an inquiry for assistance.

Our years of experience working with spray nozzles dovetails nicely with air knife drying systems that provide a process/performance guarantee.

Sonic Air Knife Drying Systems provide substantial operating cost savings with a relatively short R.O.I. often measured in months not years versus the use of compressed air. Sonic provides everything required to get the blower air to the knives so that you receive the level of drying required (up to 100% dryness can be guaranteed!). Their systems are offered with both a manufacturers warranty and a process guarantee. Contact us for details.


Sonic Air Systems, Inc provides emergency product and shipping service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 356 days a year, to all customers, worldwide. Shipments are made by Federal Express or UPS. Product may also be picked up at will - call at the factory in Brea, CA USA at 714-473-3694 for your immediate service needs.


Sonic Air Systems puts forth their best effort to ship all products as asoon as possible. Through their commitment to supply chain management, they have accomplished the shortest lead times in the industry. Stock items such as belts, filters, blower heads,
air knives, valves, and manifolds may be shipped domestically the same day ordered and internationally the next day. Complete standard drying systems may be shipped within five workings days and custom systems within 20 working days.