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whisperblast-compressed-air-spray-nozzleswhisperblast-compressed-air-spray-nozzlesCompressed air spray nozzles are designed to reduce turbulence and maximize impact of compressed air.  The noise  level associated with air blow off applications is directly related to the turbulence of the air traveling through the orifices.  Our innovative design improves the efficiency of most compressed air blow off applications.  This means that you can operate at reduced air pressures and volumes without sacrificing blowing power.


This is achieved by dividing the inlet air stream into several smaller air streams.  The incoming air is divided evenly amongst the tapered nozzle orifices resulting in a powerful discharge of air in either a flat or round pattern.


As compared to conventional liquid nozzles, compressed air nozzles reduce noise levels by up to 12 dB, which corresponds to reducing the air noise by 50% as far as the human ear is concerned.   Air consumption is also  considerably reduced by lowering the working air-pressure without losing blowing power, so compressed air nozzles cost less to operate than using conventional liquid nozzles to spray air.


Efficient use of compressed air increases the number of areas it can be used.  Whisperblast nozzles provide better blowing power than conventional nozzles for better blow-off force at larger distances with a very laminar, high impact flow of air.  Compressed air nozzles are typically used for blowing fluid or material off the target part but can also be used for creating "air doors" on industrial ovens -- helping to keep the hot air in but letting products travel through the oven unimpeded.