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Blow off nozzles are a very specialized type of spray nozzle.  Available in polyacetal, brass, aluminum, zinc and stainless steel materials and different air patterns, these nozzles are specifically designed for spraying gaseous fluids such as compressed air.  Air blow off nozzles are used for blowing fluids or material from the target surface, keeping sight glasses clear, creating air curtains and for "cleaning" applications where liquids cannot be used.


For complete drying systems, or if you do not have a compressed air source, then consider our high pressure blower air knife drying systems.


Many people do not realize that there is a tremendous difference between a nozzle designed for heavy fluids such as water and nozzles like those shown above.  These air blow off nozzles will hold a tight laminar flow of air for several feet and provide a concentrated high impact pattern using air.   With a liquid nozzle the air will not form the same pattern and will dissipate quickly.  Liquid nozzles would consume a lot more air and sound much louder than these nozzles.   Learn more about them by clicking here.


 Our air nozzles can be provided on pre-built manifolds to create a "wall" of air to provide exceptional blow-off power and can even remove oily fluids off objects moving at speeds of thousands of feet per minute!


If you are using a substanial amount of compressed air you may want to check out Sonic Air Systems Blower/Air Knife Systems for your application.


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