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There are many types of atomizing nozzles to choose from and we offer practically every type that there is; you can browse this page for a quick overview of your options and then send us an inquiry so that we can recommend a nozzle, spray header or complete atomizing system for your specific application.


lechler-air-atomizing-spray-nozzle136 SERIES ATOMIZING NOZZLES
Basic Atomizing of non-viscous liquids, both internally and externally atomized with manual an pneumatic control valve options. 
Droplet Size Range:
50 to 100 microns
Liquid Flow Range: 0.10 to 40 GPH

The 136 series air atomizing nozzles enhance a spraying process by increasing flexibility and ensuring reliability while maintaining superior control over the spray application. These are available in the standard manual form, or as the 166H Series with a pneumatic-actuated solenoid valve attachment that allows for precise spray control.

The 136 Series Nozzle Body can be easily combined with dozens of interchangeable spray tips for almost endless choices for spray patterns and capabilities. This enables these air mist nozzles to be used for Coating, Cooling, Humidification, Odor Control, Chemical Processing.


lechler-viscomist-air-atomizing-spray-nozzle176 SERIES ATOMIZING NOZZLES
Atomizing nozzles for viscous fluids and for applications that benefit from increased spray nozzle control; i.e.. control of pattern and droplet size independent of shape air or atomizing air and control air.  Externally atomized with built-in pneumatic control valve.
Droplet Size Range:
10 to 50 microns
Liquid Flow Range: 1 to 60 GPH

The 176 series nozzle incorporates an on/off and clean-out needle assembly, so it can be used for controlling the spray frequency and keeping the orifice clear of particulate characteristic of viscous atomizing applications.

The 176 series offers independent regulation of both atomizing and pattern shape air, providing the user with a high degree of control over the fluid’s spray pattern and droplet size. The 176 series nozzle is available in nickel plated brass or stainless steel, and is engineered to the highest industry standards, making the 176 series the obvious choice for the most demanding spraying processes.

Interchangeable air tips and numerous flow capacities are available to suit most spraying applications and custom made versions can be made for highly viscous, heated and other specialized requirements.