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den-hartog-ace-rotomold-tanksThe Ace Roto-Mold division of Den Hartog Industries manufactures industrial plastic tanks for liquid storage and containment. Most tanks are manufactured from polyethylene and for fluids having a specific gravity up to 2.0. The standard material is uncolored (translucent) and FDA approved, providing the capability of viewing the liquid level for potable water and food-grade product storage.


Product Offering (all tanks can be customized to suit your specific requirements)

Vertical Tanks

Free standing, flat bottom tanks for stationary indoor and outdoor installations. Center threaded lid with bulkhead fitting and gallon indicators.
Free Standing Horizontal Tanks

Free standing tanks with molded legs and band locators for transportable applications. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
Cone Bottom Tanks & Stands

Cone bottom tanks with stands for applications that benefit from complete draining of the stored product.
Round Horizontal Tanks with Sump

Round horizontal tanks with skids and bands to support the round bottom. All tanks are equipped with drain-out sumps and can be used for stationary or transportable applications.
Elliptical Tanks

Elliptical tanks with cradle lower the center of gravity to enhance stability and visibility. These tanks feature a standard collection sump for full drain-out.
Specialty Tanks

The Specialty Tanks product line are essentially a collection of custom-made storage and applicator tanks based upon customer supplied specifications. Conical, rectangular, flat bottom and sump tanks can all be customized. Perhaps one of our pre-existing designs would satisfy your requirements. If not, we can suggest modifications to the existing designs or assist you with the design of a custom-made tank for your application.
Pallet Packs & Gusseted Vertical Tanks

Pallet Pak units are designed for light-duty transport (forklift). Rectangular units have a metal frame and plastic base. Vertical units have poly bases.
Open Top Vertical Tanks & Stands

Open Top Tanks are used for stationary collection systems, temporary storage, or as secondary containment for vertical tanks in both indoor & outdoor installations.