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Sonic Air Systems Blower vs. Compressed Air Usage Savings Calculator



Sonic Air blower systems often "pay for themselves" within 6 months based solely on energy savings when compared to air compressor based systems. Most applications for a Sonic Air Systems super efficient, high velocity air knife blower system could not be cost effectively achieved using compressed air.  There are some applications where either can be used and others where compressed air nozzles make more sense.  When simplifying the cost to operate an air knife to just utility costs, it is easy to see how an efficient a blower system can pay for itself in energy savings alone in a relatively short period of time.

Although most of the time we are simply able to solve the drying or blow-off application much better with a Sonic Air System, there is the significant benefit of reduced energy costs when compared to compressor based systems.

Using the calculator below you can enter 5-7 variables (your cost per KWHR, Length of coverage required, Number of nozzles or orifices, The operating pressure PSIG and Daily or Weekly hours used) and the calculator will indicate your projected cost savings.
This energy savings calculator is meant to show the comparative cost of operating a Sonic Blower vs. a "typical" compressed air system with the orifices described in the table.  As with all applications there may be idiosyncrasies with your particular application such as an inefficient plumbing configuration or extended distance from the blower system that would affect the energy calculations.  Please contact our office for assistance including a customized R.O.I. calculation tailored to your specific application.

Often the total amount of Sonic air knife length and overall SCFM required for an application is greater than a compressed air system's total length and flow rate. The resulting energy calculation still usually results in the blower system operating for significantly less than the compressed air system it is meant to replace, but it is not as dramatic. Most Sonic Air Knife Systems have an overall return on investment (R.O.I.) within 6 months.  Contact us with your drying requirements and we will provide you with a proposal for a performance guaranteed system and a customized R.O.I. analysis (if requested).

The comparative performance data for the compressed air options above were provided by Sonic Air Systems, Inc. and are based upon the following:
Nozzle & Orifice Data - Ingersoll Rand
• Air Comb Data - Spraying Systems Co. WindJet AA727-15
• Sonic Data = Sonic 70 Blower w/ 3" Sonic XE Air Knife