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Compressed Air & Industrial Gas Leak Detection


          LD 500 leak detector, LD 510 leak detector
    LD 500/510 - Leak detector with camera  
    Reduce your energy costs by fixing compressed air leaks and increase your profitability and sustainability with the help of the perfect interaction between the LD 500/510 and the associated software "CS Leak Reporter."  
    Special features of leak detector LD 500/LD 510    
  • Find the smallest leaks even at great distances
  • Find out your leakage size (l/min or cfm) and potential saving (currency/ year)
  • Automatic laser distance measurement for a more reliable cost calculation
  • Auto level: adapts the sensitivity automatically to the environment and eliminates the background noise reliably (0 dB to 120 dB bandwidth)
  •     Datasheet
  • Photograph leaking parts
  •     Instruction manual
  • Describe each leak and the necessary actions via the built-in touchscreen
  •     Instruction manual - short
  • Transmit the leak details via USB to your desktop software
  •     Instruction manual CS Leak Reporter
        Create an ISO 50001 report      
  • Seek the leak the whole day (9 hours battery life)
  • Additional sensor input for CS Instruments and 3rd party sensors (LD 510 only)
        The LD 500 leak detector measures the ultrasound generated by compressed air, steam, gas, and vacuum leaks, as well as partial discharge on insulators, transformers, switchgear, high-voltage lines (corona effect). Ultrasound, which is inaudible to the human ear, is amplified and mixed into the audible sound frequency range by the LD 500. This enables you to precisely locate the compressed air leak (ultrasonic source) via the headphones and the camera image, even in noisy environments.      
    leak detection leak detector
        Advanced and adjustable sensitivity      
        With its advanced sensor technology, the leak detector can locate even the smallest leaks (0.1 l/min or 0,003 cfm, equivalent to approx. 1$  p.a.) at great distances with ease. Simultaneously, it is possible to adjust the sensitivity range of the LD 500 either automatically or manually in order to locate leaks more easily, even during the production facilities' operation.      
        Professional data management      
        After a successful leak detection you can save a picture of the leak with the integrated camera and store all the necessary information about the leak via the built-in touchscreen on the device, directly at leak location. This includes all relevant information required for the leak repair.      
        Processing the leakage data and automatic reporting      

    After completeling with the leak survey, all data can be exported via a USB stick and imported into the CS Leak Reporter software. With the CS Leak Reporter software's help, individual leaks can be prioritized according to size and resulting costs. All essential leakage data will be managed through the software on the computer.

    Afterward, with just a few clicks, automatic leakage reports (PDF, CSV) can be generated showing all important information about each leak found during the survey. A sample report can be downloaded on this page under "Downloads."

        Suitable accessories      
    LD 500 Parabolic mirror   CS Instruments Gooseneck   cs instrumnets leak reporter 
    Parabolic Mirror  Gooseneck CS Leak Reporter Software for LD 500/510
        The parabolic mirror is made for the quick detection of leaks at a great distance.    The gooseneck is made for checking components that are in close proximity and difficult to access, typically at machine level.    For detailed ISO 50001 reports. Gives an illustrated overview on the detected leaks and possible savings.       
        Additional Information   Additional Information   Additional Information      
        Which leak detection device to choose?      
        While LD 400 is reliable in detecting leaks the LD500 is also able to calculate the costs those leaks will cause over time. The user gets a review about the actual state of the tested system and about the estimated potential cost savings. If you are not sure which instrument is for you please contact our experts. We help you to find the leak detection device that fits the application needs in your compressed air or gas environment.      
        The following table gives you an idea of how much the actual potential savings are that you can realize by detecting leaks in compressed air systems.         
    Leakage Size Air loss Energy loss Costs
    Diameter (mm) 6 bar (l/s) 12 bar (l/s) 6 bar (kWh) 12 bar (kWh) 6 bar (€) 12 bar (€)
    1 1.2 1.8 0.3 1.0 144 480
    3 11.1 20.8 3.1 12.7 1,488 6,096
    5 30.9 58.5 8.3 33.7 3,984 16,176
    10 123.8 235.2 33.0 132.0 15,840 63,360
        (Source: Efficiency in compressed air, kWh x 0.06 € x 8000 working hours per year)      
        Our leak detectors are suitable for the following gas types:      
    ✓ air / compressed air ✓ argon (Ar)
    ✓ nitrogen (N2) ✓ oxygen (O2)
        How to implement a complete compressed air monitoring system within an industrial environment?