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Parabolic mirror


The detection of compressed air and gas leaks can be problematic depending on the accessibility of the components. CS Instruments therefore offers unique accessories for the LD 500/510 leak detector range to facilitate leak detection in difficult-to-access areas.


The parabolic mirror bundles horizontally dipping ultrasonic waves in its focal point where the ultrasonic transducer is located. On the one hand, this leads to a considerable amplification of the measured ultrasound (high range) and, on the other hand, to an exact directional behavior, since ultrasound that does not dip in horizontally is reflected by the reflector.


The combination of these two characteristics enables the parabolic mirror to precisely locate leaks at large distances.


Quantification distance: 3–12m (~0.05m)

Use of parabolic mirror:


  • Large distance to pipe/components 3–15m
  • Interfering noise
  • Leakage not freely accessible (behind a fence)
  • Near leaks (superimposition)
LD500 LD510 parabolic mirror

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