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den hartog ace rotomold polyethylene tanks


den hartog ace rotomold polyethylene tanks Vertical & Gusseted Vertical Tanks
Free standing, flat bottom tanks for stationary indoor and outdoor installations. Center threaded lid with bulkhead fitting and gallon indicators
den hartog ace rotomold polyethylene tanks Free Standing Horizontal Tanks
Free stnading tanks with molded legs and band locators for transportable applications. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
den hartog ace rotomold polyethylene tanks Cone Bottom Tanks & Stands
Cone bottom tanks with stands for applications the benefit from complete draining of the stored product.
den hartog ace rotomold polyethylene tanks Round Horizontal Tanks with Sump
Round horizontal tanks with skids and bands to support the round bottom. All tanks are equipped with drain-out sumps and can be used for stationary or transportable applications.
den hartog ace rotomold polyethylene tanks Elliptical Tanks
Elliptical tanks with cradle lower the center of gravity to enhance stability and visibility. These tanks feature a standard collection sump for full drain-out.
den hartog ace rotomold polyethylene tanks Specialty Tanks
The Specialty Tanks product line are essentially a collection of custom-made storage and applicator tanks based upon customer supplied specifications. Conical, retangular, flat-bottom and sump tanks can all be customized. Perhaps one of our pre-existing designs would satisfy your requirements. If not, we can suggest modifications to the existing designs or assist you with the design of a custom-made tank for your application.
den hartog ace rotomold polyethylene tanks Pallet Packs
Pallet Pack units are designed for light-duty transport (forklift). Rectangular units have a metal frame and plastic base. Vertical units have poly bases.
den hartog ace rotomold polyethylene tanks Open Top Containment Tanks
Open Top Tanks are used for stationary collection systems, temporary storage, or as secondary containment for vertical tanks in both indoor & outdoor installations.
den hartog ace rotomold polyethylene tanks Stackable Totes
Stackable Totes are free-standing totes for indoor or outdoor stationary or transportable applications (non DOT approved). Totes feature four lift ears for lifting each tote and a 4-way forklift accessible skid is availble for handling those same totes.
den hartog ace rotomold polyethylene tanks Septic Tanks
Ace-Rotomold septic tanks are stronger, eaiser to install, and less costly than old-fashioned concrete septic tanks - yet they still offer the quality construction and safety you expect. Manufactured from high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors, Ace Roto-Mold tanks utilize a horizontal flow designed for below ground installations up to 36 inches.  Each tank carries an individual serial code and is fully document from date of manufacture.
den ahrtog ace rotomold polyethylene cistern tanks Cistern Tanks
Ace Rotomold cistern tanks are intended for bulk storage or collection of potable waterand designed for below ground level installtions. Tanks are manufactured form high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors and feature a trapezoidal, deep rib design. Only ACE tanks feature a custom-molded gasket in the lid. Manufactured from Nitrile rubber, the gasket snaps into the lid and ensures a watertight seal. FDA approved for potable water and manufactured for contaiment of liquids up to 1.7 specific gravity.
den hartog ace rotomold double-wall polyethylene tanks Dualline Double Wall Tanks
Dualline™ Double Wall Tank's strong, durable, qaulity construction is designed for the containment of all chemicals rated for contact with polyethylene. Dualline™ tanks are freestanding double wall vertical tanks with a flat bottom for indoor or outdoor stationary applications. Double wall construction provides containment in the event the inner or primary tank is compromised. An EPDM elastic seal is standard and seals the primary tank to the secondary tank to prevent dirt and moisture form entering the containment space between tanks.
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