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DRY-IN-PLACE® Tank and Vessel Drying



The Sonic VT Hot Air Blower Technology (Patented) is a heater-less system delivering up to 200°F air temperatures with regenerated blower heat to provide rapid connective air drying with 50% less energy than fans with electric heaters and much faster drying times.


Sonic Air Systems VT tank drying systems are used in Pharmaceutical, Food, Flavor and Fragrance, Bio-Agricultural, Chemical and other industries for drying production batch tanks and vessels, totes, blenders, associated plumbing, etc. after CIP processes. Sonics VT system can dry 14,000+ liter tanks (500 cubic feet) within an hour without using any external heating source, enabling manufacturers to increase their production runs and eliminate other time consuming, costly drying solutions.


Sonics VT Tank and Vessel Drying systems:


  • Can be portable and come with zero-pressure loss HEPA filtration (0.03 Microns) or UPLA filtration (0.01 Microns).

  • Used in Clean-rooms and explosive environments including Class 1 Division 2.
  • Formal quotations come with Sonics Process/Performance Guarantee.

Sonic uses their global expertise to provide a system that is guaranteed to get the job done with the added bonus of a short R.O.I., energy savings and product flexibility.


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