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Sonics centrifugal blower air knife systems are used by numerous breweries to dry cans, bottles & kegs prior to labeling, date stamping or packaging in lieu of expensive compressed air. One factor to be dealt with is the phase out of solvent based inks for labeling food items, bottles and packaging.  Label adhesion, inkjet encoding, inspection, testing and packaging systems are all adversely affected by moisture left on the product surface.  Pack World published an article regarding the work T.P.S. did at the Lion Brewery in Pennsylvania, Pack World - Sonic - Lions Brewery.


Sonics blower/air knife systems are also used by breweries to reduce glue usage. The glue saving project, which Sonic provided drying systems for, at Lakefront Brewery has been published on Packaging World Web-site (


Sonics Mobile D-I-P® system – Craft Breweries


Sonics Mobile D-I-P® system is a small mobile drying unit designed to be used in Craft Breweries for multiple applications. A single Mobile D-I-P® system can be used to dry bottles/cans after filling prior to labeling or packing, the inside of kegs after sanitization, tank drying, external surface drying after CIP, air eduction of barley & hops to the tops of tanks and air rinsing for cans and bottles prior to filling (eliminating the need to use water) by utilizing quick-disconnect technology.


Sonic uses their global expertise to provide a system that is guaranteed to get the job done with the added bonus of a short R.O.I., energy savings and product flexibility.


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