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Air Knife Drying Cables and Wire
Air Wipe Nozzles
Sonic Air System's high velocity air knife drying systems are the only blower based products capable of handling modern production speeds in the Wire and Cable Industry.  Production rates have increased along with product quality objectives - SAS air knife drying equipment is designed to satisfy your drying requirements.


Air Knife with Wire Orifices

Due to worldwide legislative efforts, solvent based inks and coatings have been virtually eliminated in the cable/wire industry, resulting in a surface that needs to be cleaner and dryer than ever before to handle new water based inks and coating products.  Compressed air systems used in older Wire and Cable manufacturing plants were installed when utility costs were low and the cost of energy consumption wasn't monitored as it is today with regards to increasing the bottom line. Now PLC's monitor every aspect of modern Wire and Cable lines, helping to identify the source of downtime and production slowdowns.  When printing, inspection, testing or packaging adversely affects the manufacturing process, Sonic Air Knife Drying Systems are be counted on to eliminate moisture.  Sonics Air Knife Drying Systems typically have a relatively short R.O.I. due to increased efficiencies - the R.O.I. is usually within 6 months.


Sonics' systems are designed to provide the flexibility required by the Wire and Cable industry - changing from one product size to another is easily incorporated in a single system.


Sonic Air Knives are also used to manufacture resistance wire for electric baseboard heaters


Drying Strapping Prior to Finishing

Sonic Air Systems Inc. guarantees each system purchased will meet or exceed the designed level of performance.  In the event the system does not achieve the designed solution, Sonic Air Systems will provide additional resources and equipment at no cost or refund 100% of the original purchase price.