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Blower System and Air Knife Accessories


  • acoustical enclosure

    Sonics blower enclosures reduce standard sounds levels from 85-87db to as low as 75db.


    Stainless steel construstion
    Removable access panel for easy maintenance
    5 micron filtration standard
    Analog filter gage


    Washable filter element
    Wash-down filter cover
    Digital filter indicator

  • sonic air knife tunnel


  • Sonic can provide a Sonic Air Knife Tunnel with a Sonic blower/air knife system for your drying needs. Sonics Air Knife tunnels contain moisture and heat in the tunnel preventing fluids from being sprayed onto the production floor or other sensitive equipment. Sonics Air Knife tunnels are designed to provide the proper exhausting of air which prevents atomized fluid from redepositing on a product surface as it leaves the Sonic Air Knife tunnel; with the removed fluid draining properly.  Redepositing of fluids typically occurs with ‘in-house’ fabricated or improperly designed air knife tunnels.

  • sonic y-verter

    Sonics Y-Verter™ with pneumatic actuator offers the following features:

    Divert air from air knives in < 1 second
    Elimates the need for VFD motor controls
    Reduce blower motor amp draw by up to 75% during air by-pass
    Instant air delivery results in no wet products getting through during line restarts
    Can be re-retrofitted to any blower air knife system
    Respond instantly to signal from safety inter-lock, optic sensor or PLC
sonic hepa ulpa
Sonics offers zero-pressure loss HEPA/ULPA filtration:


Hard Anodized Aluminum housing
Filtration to 0.3 microns/0.12 microns
Analog filter gage


Electroinc filter indicator
Electro-less nickel plating
sonic cool air

Sonics centrifigual blower air knife systems are used for cooling products as well; from
vulcanized rubber mats after forming to refinery plates. Sonics blower systems can be
provided with Sonics COOL-AIR™ in-line blower air cooler. This system can reduce the
discharge air temperatures to approximately 10-15F above the chilled/cooling tower water temperature.

Combined with Sonics rotating air knife, for longer dwell time, cool-down time can be greatly reduced.
sonic modualr air knife bracket Sonics stainless steel modualr air knife brackets enable quick and easy air knife ajustments
along the X, Y & Z axis and only require 1 backet for every 33" of air knife. This design avoids
additional clutter along the conveyor line and easier mounting ability in tight spaces.
sas monitor

As a Sonic centrifugal blower runs under noraml operting conditions, the bearings maintain a
normal temperature range of approximately 110F to 150F. When the bearings reach the end
of their life cycle, the bearing temperature gradually increases.

Sonics Predictive Maintenance Monitor uses a temperature sensor probe to detect this
temperature rise which warns of imminent bearing failure. The signal can be utilized in a variety
of ways, from as simple as activating a warning light to integration with PLC's. The trip
temperature is factory set to 175F.

The Predictive Maintenace Monitor greatly reduces the risk of expensive non-scheduled

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