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Spray Nozzles

There are tens of thousands of spray nozzles when combining the various designs, capacities, connections, spray patterns and materials of construction. Spray nozzles are used in multitudes of manufacturing applications whether it's cleaning, cooling, coating, humidifying or creating a chemical reaction, spray nozzles are usually involved.


With so many nozzles to choose from, where do you start?

Right Here!  TPS has over 80 years of combined experience in applying spray nozzles.  The Lechler Company is the oldest spray nozzle manufacturer in the world, having made spray nozzles since 1879.  Together we are a resource to assist in selecting the most appropriate spray nozzle for the application.  TPS and Lechler can provide the information you need to ensure that your spray nozzles are being used most efficiently.


Generally speaking, there are 6 broad categories of spray nozzles and related products, each group tends to be used for specific applications.  Select the group that seems most appropriate for your application and click the picture to continue the selection process.