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axial-hollow-cone-spray-nozzle tangential-hollow-cone-spray-nozzle
Has an internal vane to create swirling and atomization. Vaneless design is pluggage resistant 

Hollow cone spray nozzles are less common than flat sprays or full cones but play an important role in certain applications.  Available in several materials and spray angles, the pattern generated by this type of nozzle swirls the fluid into a hollow "ring" pattern. 


Hollow cones are commonly used for cooling, gas scrubbing, desuperheating, spray drying, absorption, humidifying and various types of gas conditioning applications because they generate  fine droplets.


Why use hollow cones for reactions and cooling?

Smaller droplets provide greater surface area for an equivalent flow rate contributing to more effecient heat transfer, surface contact and reaction with gas streams.


Hollow cones produce droplets sizes within a 40 to 500 micron SMD range depending upon flow rate and operating pressure.  Our expertise and value to our customers is based on identifying the most efficient method of atomization for a given application.


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