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Our Elliptical horizontal tanks are designed for stationary or transportable liquids having a specific gravity of 2.0 or less.  Elliptical tanks lower the center of gravity which enhances stability and also lowers its' profile (height).  Each elliptical tank has a sump for complete draining.  All Elliptical horizontal tanks are manufactured from medium to high density polyethylene and are standard in translucent "natural" color to enable you to determine the fill level.  These Elliptical horizontal tanks are fabricated from an FDA compliant polyethylene material and are suitable for storage of potable water and both food and pharmaceutical ingredients. All Elliptical horizontal tanks are marked with gallon indicators and have a bulkhead fitting.  Please fill-out our Elliptical Horizontal Tank Inquiry Form to receive additional information such as dimensional drawings and pricing.


den-hartog-ace-rotomold-elliptical-horizontal-tanks Capacity
(W x L x H, in.)
200 41 x 66 x 26
300 48 x 70 x 30
400 57 x 70 x 30
500 57 x 82 x 36
750 69 x 89 x 42
850 69 x 89 x 46
1000 78 x 90 x 49
1600 78 x 138 x 49