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Volume 4 Issue 16

Learn How Carlisle Tire Solved Their Water Removal Problems Carlisle Tire and Wheel, based out of Aiken, SC, presented Sonic Air with their problem of removing DI water from their small construction wheels prior to the next stage of painting. Traveling at 6FPM on an overhead conveyor, the wheels were too wet for painting. They attempted to dry the wheels using a high volume blower in conjunction with a drying oven. The result was a non-effective solution with high energy costs while sacrificing production time and quality. Carlisle didn’t have the ability to move the air knives in & out to compensate for their differing sizes, so they wanted to know the feasibility of placing the air knives in a fixed position to accommodate all wheel sizes. Carlisle and Sonic also agreed to perform sample testing with their wheels and racks, while providing weight test and removal verification. Sonic conducted several tests to determined the configuration to focus on their issues. Sonic provided a complete write up of their testing results, along with what they felt was the best system to fit into their budget. Carlisle Companies Inc. began in 1917, when Charles Moomy opened Carlisle Tire and Rubber Company in Carlisle, Pennsylvania to sell inner tubes to Montgomery Ward and Company. Carlisle Tire & Wheel produces the most comprehensive line of specialty tires and wheels available. Their expertise in niche markets such as lawn and garden, trailer, all terrain vehicles (ATV’s), and aftermarket styled steel wheels has propelled them into market leadership positions. The Sonic “Engineered” Solution: Sonic Air presented Carlisle the solution of utilizing (4) 60” air knives, slightly angled to plow the water from top to bottom, which also allows for more dwell time and a collection point for the water. The knives are powered by a Sonic 350 w/ a 50hp motor able to produce over 28,000 FPM air knife exit velocities (318 mph). This type of force breaks the surface tension and atomizes the water upon contact, thus providing a dry wheel. The system has performed as required providing adequate drying at a fixed distance. If you have a drying application we’ll go the extra mile for you. Sonic Air is the choice of experience. Call today for a free quote for a GUARANTEED solution.

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