Automotive - Finishing Sand Blow-off


Assist with the removal of the bulk/ majority of the casting sand off of molded flanges of utility cargo boxes traveling at 20fpm, prior to final assembly


Customer produces utility tractors which are fitted with various unloaders/cargo boxes. They attempted the same solution as many other manufacturer’s by using existing compressed air. They utilized

(4) 2” nozzles fed from a 4” compressed air header at 85psig. This required 86hp per nozzle, not to mention the elevated noise levels estimated at 108+ dbA.


The problem was not the performance of the blow-off, but more an issue of reducing the noise level, as well as the associated cost of compressed air usage for operating (4) 2” nozzles, estimated at requiring 64kW/Hr to operate each nozzle

“Engineered” Solution:

Special Points of Interest:

  • Reduced compressed air usage by 86kW/hr or 73% per hour
  • Freed up plant air for other operations
  • Provided a quieter work envirnoment

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