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Swivel Nozzle ManifoldThe Sonic Air Systems swivel nozzle air manifold system provides effective high velocity air blow-off for large in-line washing tunnels.


With nozzles from ½" to 2" orifice diameters, air velocities up to 35,000 FPM can be directed to remove puddles and moisture from hard to reach areas up to 30" from each nozzle orifice.


Customers have experienced a reduction in oven natural gas demand by as much as 50 to 75%.





• Pre-Oven Blow Off • Pre-Powder Coating Drying Lines • Post Rinse Blow Off
• Automotive Exterior & Interior Components • Parts Manufacturing






• ½" - 2" Nozzle Orifice Diameters • Adjustable Nozzles Pivot up to 45° Sonic Blowers from 10 to 50  HP





• Air Velocity Rating up to 35,000 FPM (398 MPH) • Noise Rating 85 dB at nozzle orifice; 90 dB upon impact with part
• Temperature Rating of up to 80°F above ambient due to heat compression






• Reduce oven natural gas demand by up to 75% • Adjustability of nozzles allows for air concentration to difficult areas
• Drying or Blow-Off Performance Guaranteed • High Impact air delivered to distances up to 30" from nozzle orifice
• Sonic engineers each system • Modular aluminum systems are shipped in 5 days after order
• Remove puddling & standing liquid, eliminating deposits which effect the final coating








Design & Construction

• Dimensions are customized for each application • Infinite number of nozzle arrangements
• Materials of construction include aluminum, stainless steel and CPVC





Static Blow-Off Prior to Coating Post Washer - Bulk Removal
Static Removal Prior to Coating Post Washer Bulk Removal
Final Dry - After Drying Oven Multi-Part Line
Final Drying After Oven Multi-Part Line



Optional Equipment

• Corrosion resistant electroplating • Air flow control valves • Acoustical enclosures
• Explosion-Proof motors • Wash-down duty motors • Engine drives
• Discharge silencers • Mounting brackets  







Sonic Air Systems designs and manufactures a variety of products

• Complete line of drying and blow-off systems • Sonic air blowers from 3 to 50 HP • Sonic HEPA filters for up to 1,000 CFM
• XE stainless steel and aluminum air knives • Air wipe collars • Acoustical enclosuers